création graphique - affiches Manchester
Carte Manchester

The website architecture is based on the city map. Each page represents an area or a famous street of Manchester. The navigation from page to page is adapted from the geographic proximity of the different places. Therefor, the website matches the geographic site.

Navigate the website as the city

création graphique et photographique - Albert Square Manchestercréation graphique et photographique - China Town Manchester

Large horizontal or vertical scrolling pages represent a street or a neighbourhood. Some anchors place the user at the center or at each end of a street or a district. The page navigation therefor offers a more or less linear stroll in the digital space such as in the physical space.

Navigate the page as the street

des panneaux comme signe graphique

Each sign represents a direction to go and takes the user to a different place, a different page. No further indication is deliberately given to the user in order to make him choose "instinctively" his direction, such as a traveler in a unknowned city lets himself carried by, with no map nor landmark. In the end of the street, he faces a choice : turning left or right.

Following the clicking signs

création graphique et photographique - Northern Quarter Manchester

Each page represents a mancunian area with a graphic photo montage that shows my personal perception and interepretentaion of the city, throughout pictures I took.

Each district represented by
a photo montage

création graphique et photographique - Deansgate Manchester

Transforming architectural elements of places into graphic elements in a page hilights the main character of an area : here, the industrial character of Deansgate Castlefield where is ending Bridgewater Canal, the first industrial canal of the world, built in 1764.

Graphic interpretation of places :
from realism to architectural abstraction

création graphique et photographique - Market Street Manchestercréation graphique et photographique - Market Street Manchester

Some details are hidden behing some graphic elements and can be revealed with the hover fonction. Thereby, if the user takes time to observe, he will discover what he would not have seen if he had walked to fast.

Hidden details to discover with hover

Balade à Manchester

Inspired by Anne Cauguelin's essay Le site et le paysage
("Site and Landscape"), this website offers a stroll,
a wander from page to page,
through differents areas of Manchester.
It invites you to take a walk, without any guide or map,
listening to your instinct, at the risk of getting lost
or going in circles.
Many routes are possible, following the signs
wich will lead you to places nearby.
So, will turn left or right ?

HTML/CSS ; photography ; photo retouch;