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‍The visa number is a unique number given by the CNC when the movie is recorded in their database. Transforming this number in a hexadecimal color allows us to identify a movie with a more sensible aspect : color. We chose to form a first database with 30 movies whose titles include a name of a color.

To each movie : a visa number and a hexadecimal color

De grandes pages en scrolls horizontaux ou verticaux représentent une rue ou un quartier. Certaines ancres placent le spectateur au centre ou à l'une ou l'autre des extrémités. La navigation dans la page permet ainsi une déambulation plus ou moins linéaire dans l'espace numérique comme dans l'espace physique.

Naviguer dans la page comme dans une rue

storyboard de l'intasllation interactive - projet Nuancinémodélisation 3D de l'installation interactive - projet Nuanciné

The experience takes place in a dark room where a moving picture made of different movies' preset colors is materialized on the floor.
The user is invited to walk through this colored and oneiric diorama.
When he stops on a color, the shade invades the floor and informations of the selected movie progressively appear : visa number, colorimetric mode, movie title, synospis... Patience required to research is at the heart of this installation : the more persistent is the user, the more he gets informations.
At the end of the experience, he goes back with index cards that recounts his exploration. This medium gives him a trace of his research, as a proof of experience.

Usage scenario

Chaque page représente un quartier ou une rue à partir d'un montage photographique. Il s'agit ici d'une interprétation personnelle de la ville, à travers des photographies réalisées sur place, et un graphisme qui rende compte de ma perception de ces lieux.

Chaque quartier représentés
par des montages photos

photo de l'installation interactive - projet Nuanciné

In order to make this experience immersive and poetic, we created an universe of fluid and organic shapes, hypnotising the user.
When he stops on a color, data appear and the plastic and oneiric aspect changes into a more graphic one, matching to the inflow of informations.

Searching into a data ocean

fiches graphiques - projet Nuanciné
fiche graphique - projet Nuancinéfiche graphique - projet Nuancinéfiche graphique - Projet Nuancinéfiche graphique - projet Nuanciné

Inspired by the Pantone color chart, we created index cards covering the CNC data of the selected movies. At the end, the user leaves with those corresponding to his research, as a proof of his experience, inviting him  to watch movies which sometimes he did not know about.
For graphic relevance, we deleted the first "0" of the hexadecimal color.

Index cards as a proof of experience


Nuanciné is an interactive and immersive installation which showcases CNC's data (French National Centre of cinematography) and reveals its cinematographic background.
In order to offer a sensible exploration of its database,
we transformed visa numbers assigned to each movie into an unique hexadecimal color.
Thus, the user can discover a movie through the color that matches it and goes back with an index card of each movie he would have explored.

Interactive installation ; prototyping ;
processing ; animation ; graphic design ;